FB Smart Selling System

FB Ads Smart Selling System

For Busy Business Owners | taught by Jenny Brennan

Course description

In this course you will learn how to generate more leads and sales every single day in as little as 6 weeks even if you've never seemed to get a handle on generating a predictable pipeline before. 

Give me 6 weeks and I’ll show you how to generate more leads and sales every single day without having to wonder how other coaches are doing so well.

Each course module includes full audio and video lessons and each section is accompanied by homework and helpful resources. 

  • Learn how to map out your buyer journey 
  • Get a full guided introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager & Reporting dashboard 
  • Learn how to create compelling content that sells
  • Find out more about the customers who are active on Facebook every single day
  • Learn how to set-up, test and measure your Facebook ads 
  • Get step by step instructions without being overwhelmed by all the tech to reading your results and refining your campaigns 

When you sign-up to this program you get access to a free Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your campaigns. 

Jenny  Brennan
Jenny Brennan

Selling can be hard, can’t it? 

At least that is the belief that I and thousands of sales people all over the world have had about sales either in their past or that is the belief that is likely holding you back from professional and business growth you so badly crave today. 

Even the definition of SALE in the dictionary is kind of off-putting. 

SALE: noun

plural noun: sales

Verb: Exchange of a commodity for money. 

But when we break that definition into pieces it simply means: “A useful or valuable thing that you have, that someone else wants and needs so they give you money to get it. 

It seems so simple and yet for thousands of us selling products and services there can be many blockers stopping us from fulfilling the true potential of where our business can go and the impact we can make on the people we are here to serve. 

“Do you think that what you have to offer is useful to anyone? Or valuable. If not, if you have no belief in what you are trying to sell then you needn’t read any further”. 

If you are passionate about what you sell and want to learn more about how you can scale your product and service, then this three day training and challenge is for you! 

Course Curriculum

Introduction : Welcome to Your Course & What You Need to Know
Module 5: Facebook Ads Reports
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